Wedding Dresses, Suits and Evening Gowns Fair


IF WEDDING FASHION İZMİR became the member of UFI - the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry.


The leading establishment of fair sector İZFAŞ - İzmir Fair Services Culture and Art Affairs Trade Inc. organises IF WEDDING FASHION İZMİR - Wedding Dresses, Suits and Evening Gowns Fair in cooperation with İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, (TMHGF) Turkish Fashion and Apparel Federation and (EGSD) Aegean Clothing Manufacturers’ Association with the supports of T.R. Ministry of Economy.


This year visitors from 65 countries and 71 cities were in İzmir to make business contacts during IF WEDDING FASHION İZMİR- Wedding Dresses, Suits and Evening Gowns Fair. Totally 16.374 professionals visited fair , 2.750 of them was abroad buyers.


171 companies attended the fair with product groups of bridals, suits, evening gowns and accessories. 


Distrubution of Foreign Visitors By Country; Exhibitors had the opportunity and make business contacts with buyers from 65 countries ,all over the world. Some countries are ; United States, Germany,  Austria, Azerbaijan, UAE, Bahrain, Belgium, Cazeyir, China, Denmark,  France, Netherlands, Iraq, United Kingdom, Iran, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Egypt, Poland, Portugal, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Jordan, Greece…


Fashion Shows Attracted All The Visitors ; IF WEDDING FASHION İZMİR Fair got a great attraction with its events which organized only for professional visitors. Opening Gala Fashion Show was organized for exhibitors by Fair organization. Gala fashion show was performed by designer Ranessa& Vanessa Sason. Closing fashion show was organised by Havva Agu who is one of the new successfull designers. She is also the winner of 2012 Wedding Dress Design Contest .


Next year IF WEDDING FASHION İZMİR will be held between February , 04/07 , 2015




IF WEDDING FASHION İZMİR Fair got a great attraction with its Fashion Shows which organized only for professional visitors of the Fair.


5th Bridal Design Contest was once again a chance for young stylists to be discovered. Bridal Design Contest organized by İzmir Fair in cooperation of (EGSD) Aegean Clothing Manufacturers Association.


5th Bridal Design Contest was once again a chance for young designers to be discovered. Wedding Dress Design Contest 2014 , signed a major success with the attendance of 116 designers with over 300 designs from all over the country.  





Since 2008 EGSD is organizing events for Fashion designers. The aim is ; to show the success of fashion designers and to create awareness for designed materials. It is also good opportunity for new graduated designers to show their products and styles. Designers meet with manufacturers also consumers have the chance to purchase at first hand own designs of the fashion designers .


Every year, new graduated designers and famous designes exhibiting their designs together. In addition to exhibiting and selling designs a variety of events taking place like; Fashion shows, photography exhibition, after party organizations.



İzmir is the hometown of Organic Textile because of its ; climate , culture , geographical position , cotton production , human recources, substructure of textile machinery, strong experience in clothing sector.

Turkey is one of the world’s major cotton manufacturers. Turkey’s aim is to lead the world market with the high class articles. Turkish organic cotton is very qualified and the main supplier of organic cotton with a share of 40 % in Turkey. İzmir is the third largest city in Turkey . İzmir plays an important role in the Aegean Region’s economy.  

Aegean Clothing Manufacturers’ Association  has created OFİ – Organic Fashion İzmir Project. The aim of this Project is to match the Turkish producers with the foreign buyers which are interested in organic life style .

The first step of OFİ has been arranged in 2009 in Denmark – Copenhagen with the participation of 21 Turkish companies who produce man , woman, children , baby garments in organic . The Bilateral business Meetings has been arranged.


The second step of OFI organized in cooperation with Textile Exchange in April, 2011 in İzmir. Textile Exchange organized the Seminar 'Sustainable Business Opportunities for The Turkish Textile Industry' in conjunction with OFI - Organic Fashion Izmir Marketplace. Totally 200 professionals from 13 countries come to İzmir to attend the seminar and 35 Turkish  organic textile and ready made garment manufacturers exhibit their products in the market place.


In 2013; EGSD was also the supporter of Textile Exchange “The 2013 Textile Sustainability Conference” which held in İstanbul  between November, 11-13 with a great success , over 300 attendees.   




EGSD established an e-trade portal . The aim is ; in today’s increasingly competitive environment to provide fast service by adapting its members to e-trade. Members could create their own page in this portal , use this page as their own store and meet with new customers.


The industry is becoming more successful from the fast rise of the internet sales channel. It is adding to brand value and it is bringing brands closer to the consumers. Building new brands and growing up your old brads is more easy with internet sales channel.

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