Aegean Clothing Manufacturers’ Association ( EGSD ) was established by the leader companies of Aegean Region connected with the Clothing industry in 1992.


EGSD is formed by gathering of companies from many different branches of the Clothing industry in its body, now nearly 150 members such as ;


- ready made garment producers/exporters (knitted-woven)

- domestic market manufacturers and wholesalers

- clothing auxiliary materials and accessories

- organic ready made garment producers

- fabrics

- embroidery

- textile machines producers and suppliers

- dyeing-printing companies

- wedding dresses, evening gowns producers

- men suits producers

- underware

- working clothes

- fashion designers

- soft ware


EGSD’s main activities are ;


Organising educational activities in order to strength the sector of textile and ready made garment in Aegean Region


Participating national and international fairs, arranging business trips in our country and abroad to investigate new technologies


Matchmaking services ; informing members about the new markets and innovations


Cooperating with universities in order to provide the qualified employee to its members, to promote our Region textile and ready made garment  potential.


EGSD has organised so many workshops in abroad ; In Greece, Syria, Egypt, Denmark. Organized Fairs in in Azarbaijan - Baku and Syria - Halep  and invited buyers from Italy to Ýzmir for the billateral meetings.


In 1995 under the leadership of EGSD Aegean Apparel Sectoral Cooperative has been established. In 2002, the first specialized Organized Industrial Zone (BEGOS) has been established. Nearly 150 factories allocated in this industrial zone.


EGSD is the founder member of TMHGF – Turkish Fashion and Apparel Federation and also since 2008 the member of IAF- International Apparel Federation.

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